Scratch Player World Amateur Ranking

The Pacific Coast Amateur proudly utilizes the Scratch Player World Amateur Rankings (SPWAR) to determine the top amateurs in the world to invite to our Championship. Trusted as an industry leading ranking system, SPWAR has been used by the Pacific Coast Amateur for years. For more information on the SPWAR ranking system and to see where you rank, please visit

Accommodations for the Championship

Accomodation and Shuttle information for the 50th Pacific Coast Amateur at Seattle Golf Club will be confirmed closer to the event.

Additional Information/Conditions of Competition

Please read the Conditions of the Competition and get additional information about the championship.

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Supplemental Rules of Play

Play is governed by the current USGA Rules of Golf and where applicable, by the following Conditions and Local Rules, subject to changes or amendments by the Committee.

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Pace of Play Policy

Rule 6-7.  Undue Delay; Slow Play states: “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish.  Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.”

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Eligibility and Championship Invitations

Entry is by invitation only to amateur golfers.  Championship invitations may be secured in the following manner:  1) Presidential Invite, 2) PCGA Member Association.  Individuals requesting a Presidential Invitation must submit an official entry including a detailed list of major playing accomplishments.

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Schedule of Activities

The schedule of activities for Players at the 50th Pacific Coast Amateur at Seattle Golf Club

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Hosted Invitations to Championship Functions

To assist in deferring player expenses, all players are invited to attend the following HOSTED (included in the entry fee) dinners and awards luncheon at the Seattle Golf Club.  Guests are welcome to attend, but tickets must be purchased in advance at registration.

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Future Sites

Several futures sites of the Pacific Coast Amateur Championship have been determined.

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